Top 5 expert tips to help you ace the PTE Academic exam!

The PTE Academic is meant to assess your speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills over two hours to help you reach your goals of studying or working abroad. You should study well to feel confident on exam day because it’s a big test. So how can one become successful? 

Then how may one achieve success? Integrating the test into your daily life will provide you an advantage, even though studying using books and practice questions is an excellent place to start.

1. Learn about the PTE and its evaluation methods.

The first thing you ought to do is get familiar with the topic of the examination. There are a total of twenty different types of questions, such as Retell Lecture, Summarize Written Text, and Re-order Paragraphs.

Make a list of every question type to comprehend each one first. Then, put two things next to each one:

(i) The abilities it assesses

(ii) Activities to help you improve these abilities

Let’s see an example. You hear a brief lecture in the speaking portion and summarize it in your own words. It assesses the following abilities:


The ability to accurately understand the major concepts of the lecture is a necessary skill for every learner or professional.


Retell the lecture in your terms instead of just repeating what you’ve heard. People frequently do this at meetings at work or when they are studying.


Other people must understand you.  Each word you say should be said loudly and clearly, and the emphasis you place on sentences should convey your message effectively.

After recognizing the skills to improve, how can you engage in practice? Here are some tips:

You can Summarize the brief videos online. You can practice accents by watching millions of videos on websites like TED Talks and BBC News.

Speaking in English with others. After paying attention to what they say, try to sum up what they said in a few sentences. They will let you know if there are any errors in your summary or if it is correct and clear. If you don’t speak English, you can connect with thousands of learners through websites like Hellotalk or Italki, who can help you learn the language together.

Follow these steps For each kind of question. See what is being tested, then try to replicate similar circumstances in your day-to-day activities. This will help you get acclimated to completing these tasks on exam day.

2. Write and Speak on a variety of subjects

You’ll realize that the test covers a wide range of topics as you become accustomed to the question forms. To communicate effectively, you must be able to comprehend each question and identify pertinent phrases.

So how can you improve the versatility of your English? The most crucial thing is to indulge in as much reading, viewing, and listening as possible. Don’t merely watch the news in English, for instance, because newsreaders only use a limited number of formal terms. Instead, attempt:

  • Films
  • Dramas
  • Audio podcasts
  • Videos


When it comes to reading, use a range of reliable resources, including:

  • Newspapers
  • Books
  • Articles
  • Short stories and blogs.

3. Organize your responses, avoid utilizing templates

Even if the topics you talk about (or write about) could vary, you could try to arrange your answers for tasks like Write Essay and Describe Image

This will help your ability to think rapidly and utilize proper English during the exam. This, however, is not the same as learning a script or template by heart (which is not advised since you won’t be aware of the topic of the question before the test).

Here’s an example of how to format your Describe Image task response:


You should attempt to rapidly determine the type of graph and the primary information displayed in the image as soon as you view it.


Using any numbers, colors, or labels to further explain what you see, elaborate on what you see now that you know what the image depicts.


Once the image has been described, attempt to explain its potential meaning.


In the end, reach a decision. What makes the image significant? When might it be beneficial to you or another individual? This is the time where you have to show that you understand the image’s meaning beyond what is seen on the monitor.

A well-structured response will enable you to utilize your time and effort to get the highest possible marks by using a variety of connecting phrases and appropriate terminology!

4. Think critically and use your language.

You should also refrain from using scripts that you have memorized for the Write Essay task on the exam. Attempt to provide a well-organized response in your own words, being sure that it pertains to the topic that is being asked of you that day. You will sound more natural and make fewer mistakes if you speak in the language that you are comfortable with and understand.

To simplify this, you can use the Point, Illustrate, Explain (PIE) method to plan your answer for the first few minutes.


What is the argument you wish to put forth? Do you think the prompt needs to be corrected?


Provide instances that support your points of contention by writing them down. What additional benefits come with studying abroad, for instance? Before beginning, make a list.


In this section, you must explain how the instances back up what you say. Although you won’t have time to discuss every aspect during the planning process, you are welcome to write down any important terminology you feel would help express your viewpoint.

Practice and Practice

When your exam date approaches, it’s time to start practicing with the official exam materials. We have plenty of excellent materials to help you get the required score:

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