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Mock Master is committed to delivering best PTE mock test practice materials that are readily accessible for taking PTE tests and practice exams. To guarantee the greatest results, these resources are created with the needs of the student in mind.

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Get ready with our new-format of PTE full mock test consisting of 2 hours and section-specific practice tests to reach your target score, receiving instant results. Our PTE full mock test with answers help you concentrate on specific sections to target areas where you need improvement.

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Are you preparing for the upcoming PTE Academic test?

Would you like an evaluation of your proficiency and comments on your strong points and places for development? Are you seeking to replicate the real exam conditions and practice within specified time limits? If you’ve responded affirmatively to any of these inquiries, then you should consider taking Mock Master’s PTE Free and Sectional Mock Tests! Our PTE Free Practice Test is a comprehensive online assessment that closely mimics the actual PTE Academic exam. It encompasses all four competencies: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. Furthermore, it provides you with an accurate score report based on the official scoring criteria.

Tests Include

Speaking Modules
Writing Modules
Listening Modules
Reading Modules
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Get Free PTE Practice Test with Score Report

Participate in a FREE PTE Practice Test and aim for a score of 79 or higher! These PTE practice tests have been recently updated to align with the latest PTE Academic pattern. Crafted by certified PTE Tutors at Mock Master, our PTE Practice Mock Test platform has been employed by many students across the globe. 

Features of Mock Master's AI PTE Scored Mock Tests

PTE Comprehensive Mock Test with Answers

Our free PTE online practice test offers a distinct advantage when you’re preparing for the PTE exam. This mock test features 55 questions that cover Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening.

Maximizing the Use of Our PTE Resources:

Discover how to make the most of our PTE mock test and practice test materials.

Segmented PTE Practice Test with Scores

This free pte mock test with AI score is a valuable tool for assessing your performance. Question-Specific PTE Practice: The scoring in our online section-specific PTE practice test provides an in-depth evaluation of each question type and areas where you can make improvements.

To assist you in overcoming the exam anxiety, our question bank is updated frequently with the most recent prediction file repeated questions.. We’ve included over 15,000 questions for your practice.


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Our platform offers a variety of PTE study materials for practice. To begin, the PTE question-wise feature helps you understand the exam’s scoring pattern. The PTE practice test free with score allows students to gauge their position and learn how to effectively manage their time on exam day.

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Why Choose Mock Master for PTE Mock Tests?

At Mock Master, you can count on our expertise in creating PTE full mock tests with evaluations, assisting you in aiming for your desired exam score. Our best pte mock test includes a thorough analysis of your performance, pinpointing your errors. The scoring algorithm also offers recommendations on which question types require improvement. Therefore, get ready with the assistance of PTE scored practice tests to attain your target score. As students say that we are the best free website for pte practice

Understanding the PTE Academic Exam Structure

At Mock Master, we offer PTE candidates the opportunity to gain comprehensive insights into the PTE test format ahead of their exam day. One of the most important ways to get ready for the PTE academic exam is to take PTE full mock tests with answers. These free PTE practice mock tests with score cards help you assess your performance and provide instant scorecards. The PTE exam is divided into four sections, each with its unique question types, all of which are meticulously incorporated into our online PTE mock tests and PTE practice tests to enhance your readiness for the PTE exam.

Our platform provides comprehensive practice sessions to help students excel in their PTE Academic exams. With our advanced AI scoring system and expertly crafted study materials, we ensure that you’re fully prepared to achieve your desired score.

At Mock Master, we understand the importance of accessing the best language portal for your PTE preparation. That’s why our platform stands out among competitors like Vision Expert, Magic, and Moni, offering top-notch resources and guidance tailored to your needs.

With our team of language experts and access to cutting-edge tutorials, Mock Master empowers you to conquer the PTE exam with confidence. PTE tutorials, unlike those offered by competitors such as ApeUni, prioritize personalized learning experiences and effective study strategies to maximize your success.

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Speaking Section

This section encompasses activities like Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Re-tell Lecture, and Answer Short Question. For example, in Read Aloud, you'll encounter a text of approximately 60 words on your screen, and you'll be allotted a certain time to read it aloud. Head over to the PTE speaking mock test page to know more.

Writing Section

You will have 10 minutes to summarize written text and 20 minutes to complete an essay. Precision is key, and don't forget to include the main points from the passage in the Summarize Written Text. To make things easier, you can utilise the cut, copy, and paste buttons. Know more at PTE writing mock test

Reading Section

Part two of the exam assesses your ability to read and respond to English-language information. This section includes tasks like re-ordering paragraphs, multiple-choice questions, and fill in the blanks, among others. Know more about PTE reading mock test

Listening Section

The listening segment is based on audio clips. Aspirants must either read text or listen to audio/video clips and respond accordingly. This section will take approximately 45 minutes in total. Know more about PTE listening mock test

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of Mock Master’s PTE full mock exams is to replicate the actual PTE examination and provide users with an authentic exam experience. Like the actual exam, Alfa’s mock exams are broken down into four modules: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening.

Our mock test closely mirrors the Pearson Test of English Academic in every aspect, from content to timing and scoring. Our skilled software developer has taken the test twice to thoroughly understand the intricacies of the PTE software and has done an exceptional job in replicating it.

You can take a free, live, full PTE mock exam with answers on the Mockmaster’s practice platform, and as soon as you sign up, you can obtain an instant evaluation of your score. Master each section by practicing question-by-question to build confidence.

A quality PTE mock test might assist you in gaining an accurate understanding of your readiness level if you are unsure of it. It is not harmful to take the PTE mock test before the real exam, even if you think you will ace it.

Mockmaster is the best website to practice PTE Academic Practice Tests because it provides a comprehensive solution for your PTE preparation. You can enhance your general Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening skills by using this website.

The Global Scale of English is used to determine the score range for each PTE exam, which is 10 to 90. A score of 90 represents the highest level of overall English proficiency.