Are you preparing for the PTE speaking section and looking for effective ways to improve your oral proficiency? Then you should focus on the PTE speaking mock test. This tool offers simulated speaking test scenarios, enabling you to practice and improve your speaking abilities within a controlled setting.

Free PTE Speaking Mock Test

Accessing free resources such as the free PTE speaking mock test offers a cost-effective solution to practice and prepare for the speaking section of the PTE exam.

These mock tests provide authentic speaking test experiences, allowing you to assess your speaking abilities and identify areas for improvement. With the convenience of free PTE speaking mock test, you can incorporate speaking practice into your study routine without breaking the bank.

The speaking section evaluates your aptitude for engaging in everyday conversations. In the PTE exam, speaking is the initial component, assessing your pronunciation accuracy and fluency. The PTE Speaking test comprises five questions which are designed to check your English language proficiency.

By engaging in regular practice with the speaking PTE mock test, you can boost your confidence and readiness for the speaking section of the PTE exam.

Free Speaking Mock Test PTE

Looking for a cost-free way to practice your speaking skills for the PTE exam? Consider trying a free speaking mock test PTE. Speaking cues that are identical to those in the real exam are provided in these practice exams.

PTE Speaking Practice Test

Dedicated practice is key to mastering the speaking section of the PTE exam, and a PTE speaking practice test is an essential tool in your preparation. These practice tests encompass a range of speaking tasks and prompts. It enables you to become familiar with the types of questions that will be presented on the day of the test. By regularly undertaking PTE speaking practice tests, you can refine your speaking skills, develop effective strategies, and improve your overall performance in the speaking section.

Patterns of Questions in PTE Speaking Practice Test

Read Aloud

It aims to assess your reading and speaking abilities, ensuring you can read the text with correct intonation and pronunciation. Engage in multiple practice sessions before the exam to maintain your reading pace and fluency in speaking.

  • Length – Upto 60 words
  • Answer Time  – 60 seconds
  • Number of questions – 1-2
Sentence Repeat

In PTE sentence repeat, it demonstrates your ability to comprehend and recall spoken sentences accurately. You are required to repeat the sentence with a precise accent and pronunciation without replaying the audio.

  • Length – 3-9 seconds
  • Answer time – 15 seconds
  • Number of questions – 10-12
Describe Picture

In this, you have to describe an image and you’re allotted 25 seconds to capture its essence. Then a tap on the mic signifies the moment to deliver a meaningful explanation.

  • Length – 25 seconds
  • Answer time – 40 seconds
  • Number of questions – 3-4
Re-do Lecture

Your speaking and listening proficiencies are evaluated here. You’ll listen to a voice prompt of up to 90 seconds and then rephrase it within a 40-second timeframe.

  • Length – upto 90 seconds
  • Answer time – 40 seconds
  • Number of questions – 1-2
Answer short questions

In this, you must respond to the question with one or multiple words. Your answer should be delivered clearly and loudly within a 3-second timeframe.

  • Length – 3-9 seconds
  • Answer time – 10 seconds
  • Number of questions – 5-6

What is the skill set required for the

PTE speaking?


Your capability includes pronouncing the correct words and phrases and ensuring accurate and clear sentence formation.


For your speech to be effective, it's imperative to uphold the intonation and stress of every syllable.


Oral fluency is enhanced by speaking in a regular audible tone.

Better Understanding

Rearrange the key points from the image format to enhance your comprehension.


Ensure proper grammar and pronunciation are utilized to comprehend native speakers.


Arrange your thoughts using appropriate structure and formatting.

Free PTE Speaking Mock Test with Score

Assessing your speaking performance is crucial for effective preparation, and Free PTE speaking mock test with scoreoffers valuable insights into your strengths and weaknesses. These mock tests provide instant feedback and scoring, helping to see how well you performed in each speaking task. You can adjust your study plan to concentrate on the areas where you need the most practice and improve your overall speaking proficiency by looking over your scores and identifying areas for improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The first portion, PTE Speaking & Writing, will take about 75 to 90 minutes. There are seven tasks in total. You will record a quick oral introduction to yourself before beginning these exercises; this will not be graded.
Your voice won’t be recorded if you talk before the microphone activates. Speak clearly and slowly. Your answer can only be recorded once. Before the progress meter reaches the end, you ought to have finished speaking.
A confident and well-articulated speaking pitch is necessary to pass the PTE Speaking Test. It adds to the efficacy of communication in general and not only indicates language ability.
The PTE exam is entirely computer-based and is graded by a potentially biased machine. PTE speaking mock test requires you to speak to a computer, but IELTS requires you to speak with an examiner face-to-face during the speaking portion of the test.
Keep in mind to use the speaking techniques covered in the PTE Speaking Tips Guide. When speaking, avoid speaking quickly or slowly. For the duration of this part, keep the same speed. Always check your written and spoken responses in the final moments of any kind of query.