Are you gearing up for the PTE exam with a focus on enhancing your listening skills? You need not search any longer; the PTE listening mock test is the solution. This valuable test replicates the listening test setting, allowing you to practice and refine your listening abilities.

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The listening mock test PTE is designed to help you refine your listening skills by exposing you to a variety of listening passages and question formats. Through repeated practice with different scenarios, you can develop strategies for effectively comprehending spoken English and identifying key information. In each test session, you'll improve your skill to comprehend spoken English across a range of contexts, ensuring readiness for the listening section of the PTE exam.

Patterns of Questions in PTE Listening Practice Test:

Summarize Spoken text

In this segment, candidates will be presented with audio clips lasting approximately 80-90 seconds. After this, you must craft a summary of the spoken material.This section primarily emphasizes the integration of listening and writing capabilities. The summary should be composed within 50-70 words.

  • Lenght – 60-90 seconds
  • Skills – Listening & Writing
  • Number of questions – 1-2
Multiple choice: choose multiple answers

Pick answers for multiple-choice queries to evaluate your skill in explaining, analyzing, and appraising audio or video content on any academic subject.

  • Lenght – 40-90 seconds
  • Skills – Listening
  • Number of questions – 1-2
Multiple choice choose single answer

Analyze and interpret single-option multiple-choice selections and evaluate scientific documentation. Listen attentively to the audio, as it will be played only once.

  • Lenght – 30-60 seconds
  • Skills – Listening
  • Number of questions – 1-2
Highlight correct summary

Evaluate your ability to analyze, comprehend, and integrate information presented in records, with an emphasis on the most accurate interpretation of the data.

  • Lenght – 15-50 seconds
  • Skills – Listening & Reading
  • Number of questions – 1-2
Fill in the blanks

The objective of this task is to confirm your skill in listening and completing missing words in the text by listening to the recording.

  • Lenght – 60-90 seconds
  • Skills – Listening & Writing
  • Number of questions – 1-2
Select missing word

To determine one’s aptitude in predicting a speaker’s intended message, we can utilize the contextual hints provided in the recording.

  • Lenght – 20-70 seconds
  • Skills – Listening
  • Number of questions – 1-2
Highlight incorrect words

Examine your listening aptitude and recognize the difference between transcription and recording.

  • Lenght – 15-50 seconds
  • Skills – Listening & Reading
  • Number of questions – 2-3
Write from dictation

Assess your listening, spelling, and sentence recall skills by transcribing sentences word-for-word with correct spelling.

  • Lenght – 3-5 seconds
  • Skills – Listening & Writing
  • Number of questions – 3-4
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Skill set required for the PTE Listening

Organizing the Data

It's essential to categorize and arrange the information you receive.

Recognize Indicators

Verbal guidance summarizes the key points discussed in the speech.

Understand Language

Interpreting metaphorical language and differentiating between factual information from opinions.

Identify explicit details

Identifying the main idea sentences within the text and crafting responses.

Draw conclusions

Use retelling to integrate data from the provided information and make conclusions.

Identifying Definitions

Recognition of definitions, examples, summarization, and key elements of identification

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PTE Listening Mock Test with Answers & Insights

Accessing a PTE listening mock test with answersprovides valuable feedback to check your performance and understanding. These mock tests not only present you with listening passages and questions but also offer detailed explanations and answers. By reviewing your responses and comparing them with the provided answers, you can identify areas for improvement and refine your listening skills effectively. Utilizing a PTE listening mock test with answers is essential for enhancing your performance and achieving success in the PTE listening section.

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Why Practice with a Mock Test?
Dive into Authentic Listening Practice Test

This mock test exposes you to a variety of realistic listening passages, covering:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Practice attentive listening, minimize distractions. Complete blanks using dictation modules. Allocate less time for comprehension activities. Highlight wrong words accurately. Enhance writing abilities. Prioritize pronunciation, speaking, and fluency for improved PTE listening scores. Utilize PTE practice questions for additional support.
There are 15-20 questions in PTE Listening. To help you prepare for the test, the system will give you some audio and brief video snippets. Candidates only have time to listen and record their responses because they all play automatically. To achieve the best score on the test, it is preferable to actively listen and maintain focus.
Get a perfect score of 90 on the PTE Listening mock test by practicing a lot with a variety of audio resources, improving note-taking strategies for effectiveness, enhancing focus abilities, and developing a thorough comprehension of both the main ideas and the details.

Focus on context, determine the Absent Word, note keywords, prioritize syntax and grammar, consider collocations and word forms, beware of distractions, examine and edit carefully, and engage in active listening. These strategies optimize comprehension and efficiency in language tasks.

PTE Listening is assessed using an algorithm Every right answer adds to the total score, which goes from 10 to 90. The following skills are evaluated: recognizing key concepts, listening for details, and deciphering suggested meaning in audio passages.

No, just one play of the recording, so pay close attention.

No, you will be informed a few seconds in advance of the recording beginning, depending on the question.