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There are four modules in the PTE exam: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. You may listen with the headset and respond with the microphone on the given equipment. 

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Before taking the exam, you can assess your performance by using our PTE online practice test and PTE mock test, which will assist you in understanding the format of Pearson's test.

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Your PTE mock test will be evaluated by our PTE AI algorithm for free, providing a scorecard and a more accurate assessment. After taking the exam, you can review the example answers as well.

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Obtain a comprehensive analysis of all four sections, along with suggestions for improvement for each question based on your desired score.

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You may monitor your progress and receive AI guidance based on how well you did on each unique PTE practice test online free with score, as well as identify areas where you still need to improve.

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Mockmaster offers a PTE online practice free test with evaluation that is designed with our experience in mind, so you may target your desired exam result. An extensive score analysis and a detailed breakdown of your errors are included with the online PTE practice test. You’ll receive a recommendation from the scoring algorithm for the kind of questions you should work on improving. To get the score you want, therefore get ready with the aid of PTE-graded practice exams.

Understand the PTE exam structure by using free PTE online practice tests with scores

Mockmaster gives PTE candidates access to minute details concerning the exam. A better way to prepare for the PTE academic exam is to practice using the PTE full mock test with answers. PTE practice test online helps to rate your performance and get the scorecard. The PTE exam is divided into four sections, each of which has a different kind of question. To offer you an advantage when you’re getting ready for the PTE exam, we’ve integrated all the exam stimulation into our free online practice test and mock test.

Reading Section:

This second section will assess your ability to read and answer to the given material in English. Rearranging paragraphs, multiple-choice, fill in the blank, and other tasks are included in the composition.

Writing Section:

You have 10 minutes to summarize a written piece and 20 minutes to write an essay. Using the cut, copy, and paste buttons will make things simple.

Speaking Section:

Read aloud, repeat sentence, describe image, retell lecture, and answer short question are all included in this. For instance, when using Read Aloud, you will see a paragraph on your screen that is around 60 words long.

Listening Section:

The audio clip is the basis for the listening portion. To answer appropriately, candidates must either read a passage of text or listen to an audio or video clip. This section will take about 45 minutes to complete in total.

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You’ll receive a recommendation from the scoring algorithm for the kind of questions you should work on improving. To get the score you want, therefore get ready with the aid of PTE-graded practice exams.

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